Best WordPress Themes for Travel

Are you looking for the best WordPress themes for the best travel? You could say that travel is one of the most promising business ventures to run. For those who have this business, you can create a website so that the business will progress and turnover will increase sharply. You can use WordPress because it has easy-to-understand settings.

In this CMS, you can enjoy a variety of interesting features that make travel websites even more attractive. One of the features in question is the abundant WordPress themes that can be adapted to the needs of the website. For those who need references, in this article, we will discuss them so you don’t need to worry.

The Best Best Travel WordPress Themes to Work for Websites

The WordPress themes provided are very abundant and can be adjusted according to user needs. Each of these themes can be used for free and paid. You just have to adjust to your needs. For those who need a WordPress theme for travel purposes, here are the best recommendations;

1. Shapely

Shapely By Silkalns

This WordPress theme has a pixel-perfect design with extra features. Interestingly, users can also customize the appearance of the theme according to website requirements. There are many widgets that can be used to add services or products.

Shapely works well with free plugins such as Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, and Jetpack. Those who use it will benefit because they are friendly to mobile and also very responsive.

2. Feltmag


Feltmag is the next great magazine-style WordPress theme for travel blog content. It features a modern layout with a full screen header followed by sections of content in a beautiful grid style.

Feltmag includes two navigation menus in the header area, flexible header designs, custom widgets, social media icons, and more. Feltmag is designed to be easy to use even by beginners.3. Enigma

3. Enigma

Enigma Themes WordPress

Enigma can be used for WordPress themes, ranging from business, personal portfolio, blogging or so on. This theme is supported by WooCommerce so you can run an online store as well as the travel services you make.

By default, there are four-page layouts, 2-page themes, and also 5 widgets provided. You can display images on Flickr in the custom widgets section. Enigma is very innovative and also user-friendly. So it’s no wonder it is very suitable to be implemented on the travel website that you have.

4. Virtue

Virtue Theme Directory

Virtue is one of the best WordPress themes for the needs of the travel website that you have built. At least 500 thousand users have used the Virtue theme for their travel website.

When using this website theme, of course, you will be free to modify the website and the themes in it. Another interesting thing, there is also an integration of microdata schemas which are useful for website SEO.

5. Astra

Astra Themes for WordPress

One more WordPress theme is suitable for your travel needs. The main advantage of this theme is that it is fairly light in size, making it easy for visitors to visit.

Not only that, Astra has also been integrated with schema.ogr and also mobile so that the website remains beautiful, even though it is accessed via a mobile device. The Astra theme will make the travel website look even more beautiful.

The various best WordPress themes for travel are given for reference only. There are still many other WordPress themes that can be used. Just adjust to your needs. Download via the link provided so you can use the theme for free without having to pay.