How to Install Live Chat on the Website

A WordPress chat plugin can be a vital tool for your website. When someone visits a website, not a few of them want to know more about the website. Can want to know about products, sellers, types of services, and payments to many others.

When a website does not have features that allow visitors to communicate directly with the website or seller, there is a high probability that they will switch to another website. This is the importance of having a live chat feature for your website.

Especially if your website is an online game platform, there will be lots of questions or problems experienced by players. In order to increase member satisfaction, take advantage of this feature. For example, a player wants to play Gates of Olympus and doesn’t know the tricks to play in order to win, so he contacts customer service via a live chat service. And cs will also give directions about gacor patterns and gacor clocks.

So, in this article we will explain several plugins for how to install live chat live chat on websites with WhatsApp that you can use. Let’s see to the end!

Recommended WhatsApp Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

Here are some plugins that you can try. Each plugin has unique features that can be obtained free of charge, but there are also paid versions. You can try a variety of existing plugins, or choose the one that you think is most suitable for the business you are running.

Zеndеѕk Lіvе Chat

Zendesk Live Chat is active on tens of thousands of websites and counting. Zendesk Live Chat was developed especially for small and medium business owners. The advantages of Zendesk Live Chat are its simple and lightweight appearance, its dashboard that is easy for anyone to use, live support that is always available and is available in more than 40 languages.

WP Live Chat Support

WP Live Chat Support is quite popular and the features that are presented are very many. With more than 1 million downloads and active on more than 50 thousand websites, WP Live Chat Support can provide Live Chat services efficiently.

Click to Chat WhatsApp

One of the WhаtsaApp WordPress live chat plugins that you can try next is Click to Chat WhatsApp. Currently Click to Chat WhatsApp is active on more than hundreds of thousands of websites. Then the most interesting feature of this plugin is integration with WhatsApp. You can easily interact with visitors via WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp me

WhatsApp me introduces a very easy and simple solution to display the WhatsApp button on the website. With more than hundreds of thousands of websites using WhatsApp me, the quality of this plugin is guaranteed. WhatsApp me also provides a Dark Mode feature which is quite liked by many people.

WhatsHelp Chat Button

WhatsHelp Chat Button is a plugin that can connect WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and many other services to a WordPress website. The advantage of this plugin is the many services that can be supported. With this plugin, you can freely interact with visitors. WhatsHelp Chat Button is now active on more than tens of thousands of websites and continues to get lots of positive reviews.

WhatsHelp Chat Button guarantees the service is free forever. All features can be used without paying any fees. The widget offered is also easy to use and looks clean. Your website appearance will not be disturbed. There is no need to create an account to use the WhatsHelp Chat Button.


Chaty has been used on more than tens of thousands of websites. This lightweight plugin can connect Live Chat on websites with many services such as Facebook Messenger and Telegram. Each visitor can choose how they contact you and it’s only one click away.


There are tons of plugins that you can choose from. Whichever plugin you choose will have an important role for your business. With a direct connection between Live Chat on the website and the service of your choice, every visitor can interact directly anytime and anywhere.

You will not lose a business opportunity with the plugins available above. Keep in mind that a fast response will increase the trust of every visitor who comes to your website. Prepare carefully the language and automated messages used to respond.

So that every visitor feels comfortable and really interacts with humans and not robots. Each plugin also has its own installation procedure. None of the plugins are difficult to install, you need to read the instructions carefully for time efficiency. Those are the articles that we can summarize about how to install live chat on the website, hopefully, this is useful, thank you.