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How to Design the Casino Online Site Like IDN Poker Online

Getting the right visual for our new poker website will require services from a skilled web designer. We have the choice to purchase a standard template, but looking at the competitive nature of the online game will not be a very financially sound decision. Online games, especially poker, are feeling unprecedented popularity in all the world and to compete in this market will require truly attractive designs that are eye-catching and easy to use. Choosing the right design does not only include choosing the right color; it’s about looking for additional techniques to reach our customer base and attract them. To design your own poker production website, you can copy it from the trusted online poker gambling like IDN Poker Online that will guide you to the success of your online casino site.

That’s Vegas, Baby!

When we click on an online casino, your deft ball does not want the lights to blink everywhere, flashing lights and ultra-bright colors are not easy on the eyes. Even if you want our online casino to have ‘shades of Vegas’, you should avoid decorating our logo with bright and flashing lights. The perfect website design must include images that are reminiscent of Vegas but do not interfere with the site’s main interface. Don’t make your site so busy that players can’t catch up on the exact table clearly.



The very important attribute of each online business is usability! Your site must be set up so that it is easy to use, and all buttons are easily found. Entering the website must be clear and simple; Enter our username and password and press the login button. The most important thing is that your poker room must be easily found. Divide the parts into real money and play money and set limits. The easiest navigation format seems to be among those embedding each card game with a matching limit below. The collection of pull-downs is very effective because you can go to each section to witness the availability of seats.


When we sit down to design the details of the game, keep it realistic. Use the perfect green for nuances on your table, roulette and dice table and your players will feel as if their game is in a real casino. As much as possible, use your brands at poker tables and other locations where we can plant your brand logo. Stay with the site’s color scheme when it comes to rooms and tables.

When it comes to online space, variation is the spice of life. You have to spend at least two different types of poker to stay competitive and unique to customers. A very popular form seems to be many types of Omaha and Texas Hold’em. If we offer so many boundaries with two types, then we can compete in the world of online poker rooms. However, the key is to offer everything from micro boundaries to high-stakes games. As important as a number of levels are tournaments because they have become increasingly popular in recent years.


Many poker websites like super 10 online offer the same sea of ​​faces at poker tables, but if you really want to make your website stand out, give variations and details to your card players. Don’t offer the same five faces for all players; allow a certain level of individuality. Make your website like an online community, and your customers will remain loyal. Even if you can’t allow customers to design their player avatars, offer variations to the extent that our players don’t end up playing the right avatar.

Additional features

What creates a good poker site besides the mediocre website is the extra features offered. The function of websites that are struggling to attract players who explore professional poker careers is the option to leave the player list. Most players find it useful to classify players and make a list of their playing styles. This additional feature allows players to get to know their opponents and different perfect strategies, a feature that might bring players home and again.


10 Best Websites to Find Web Design Inspiration

When talking about web design, it is clear the task is to design a website. Being a web designer is always required to have new ideas to improve the quality of his work. Forgetting a brilliant new idea, you could say it’s easy and difficult. The idea is unpredictable when it comes. However, plans can be made and formed by watching other people’s design work. For those who are still beginners, need inspiration – inspiration that can be obtained from the results of other people’s designs, but it does not mean imitating or plagiarizing.

Here are ten sites where there is a sophisticated and good web design, where you can watch cool designs and be inspired to create web designs.


Awwwards is a site where all the best designs are collected here, then judged by techniques that are valued by all members as far as good or not specific web designs are determined by the number of people who like the design. This creates a more natural design assessment, and you can also know which design concepts people don’t want.

Web Design Inspiration

Not only web design inspiration but in web design inspiration also accommodates other design works, such as logos, illustrations, and others.


FWA or Favorite Website Award, a site that evaluates all good websites around the world and sends awards in the form of a site of the day, site of the month and so on. We can also send site links to FWA if your website feels good.


ThemeForest is not a web design provider site. ThemeForest is a marketplace website where templates throughout the world are traded. Themeforest provides professional models and maintains quality.

99 Designs

Like Themeforest, 99Designs is not a priority location for design inspiration. 99design is the number 1 design contest website in the world. The web design of all professionals is displayed there to win the contest. From here you can explore new design inspiration, from many web designers.

One Love Page

A love page is where the template is the best website. You can see and be an inspiration, in One Page Love, there are not many web designs with diverse and unique groups.

8 Faces

For those of you who want to create an e-commerce site about typography, this web design is quite good so that you can inspire the appearance of your site.

Site Inspire

Similar to other inspirational websites, the inspire site is a website that contains inspiration from high-quality web designs. The smoothest navigation, and not a few ads, so users feel comfortable when using.

United Pixel Workers

The advantage of the United Pixel worker website is to highlight the details of their products.

 The Best Designs

In addition to showing a quality web design style, the best design also shows access to the author’s profile link. This can help you watch various designs from the designer.

That’s the ten best sites to find inspiration for web design. Of course with a few points like the website above can add to your inspiration in the world of web design.

5 Essential Tips in Designing Bonafide Casino Companies Logo

For you, how important is a logo? Apparently, from everything like letterhead, website, marketing, the logo press includes all this. Logo becomes the first impression when different people come to understand our company. In other words, the logo is one of the most important identities that a company must possess.

The logo of a company must show a good impression of the business that the company has, can present itself well and dynamically so that you will look like a professional, even though your office is only in a garage. There are a number of guidelines that have been tested that might help you in getting a great logo. Whether you rent an agency or make it yourself.

Your logo must describe your company with interesting and honest techniques.

It feels obvious, but in the field you will be surprised to hear a number of business owners want something like a competitor. If your logo uses a symbol, it must be related to your company, company name, company characteristics or the competitive advantage you offer.

What impression do you want to give when someone views your business? If it’s fast delivery, then consider objects that contain the meaning of speed, like wings or an hour. These elements are often used by logistics companies, for example the Post Indonesia. Consider abstract symbols to say a progressive approach – abstract is a choice that is appropriate for high-tech companies. Or maybe you just want an object that represents the product or service you are selling. As with companies engaged in gambling or casinos. They design logos that are simple and easy to remember by the players. Because with the Logo also provides the identity of the Casino company.

Avoid too few details

Simple Logo is recognized faster than complex. Strong lines, letters that are present are better than thin ones barely visible, clean. The market for Casino are mostly high profile people, who doesn’t like complicated things. They want to get access to Casino easily, give bet anytime they want, like when they playing online gambling in each sportsbook competition. But even though your logo must look simple, it doesn’t mean it must be really simple, with different origin words. A good logo has something that is not suspect or unique. We see a number of logos like, McDonald, Nike, Prudential. Notice how their logo is simple but interesting. When you see the “check” symbol, you will assume it is the logo of Nike. When watching a big “M” letter with yellow color, especially when you’re hungry, you would expect it to be McDonal. Simple, but not careless

Your logo must work well in black and white (single color)

If your logo doesn’t look good in black and white, it won’t look good in any color. Keep in mind, too, if the cost of printing a four-color logo is often more expensive than one or two color prints.

Make sure your logo is scalable

With a different word, your logo must be beautiful both large and small, in many media. A good rule of thumb is on business cards / billboards. Your logo must look good on both. Although the logo is enlarged or minimized, it will not minimize its trademark or identity. In this matter, the Nike logo is still a very superior logo in terms of scalable.

Your logo must have a balanced artistic

The best way to say this is that your logo must look “balanced” to the eye, there is no one to surpass the rest. Just like a painting, it would seem surprising if all the colors and details were divorced in one corner, so was the asymmetrical logo. Color, line density and shape, all affect the equilibrium of this logo.

Many logo teachers insist that a logo must be designed to last up to 10 or 15 years. But we have never heard of a fortune teller who came to design a trend. Yes, at any time the trend will change and maybe your logo must be changed so that it looks more fresh. The best way to ensure the longevity of the logo, in addition to the guidelines listed above is to make sure you love your blog. Never be satisfied with something half cooked.

Once you are committed to the design of your logo, you are sure and like the logo, make sure you have in three forms of this file, EPS for printing, JPG and GIF for the website. Basically, this conversion file creates your logo as an element of art, to the point that it no longer becomes a symbol with a typeface. Which brings us to very important rules in logo design, never to process your logo! If you want to turn on the website, okay, the list doesn’t process the essence.

10 Benefits of Being a Graphic Designer in 2018

10 Benefits of Being a Graphic Designer. The graphic design field is currently not in great demand. Every company engaged in any field starts to need a graphic designer. Graphic design is often needed for an advertising or weapon for the promotion of a company. Next you will discuss what dividends become a graphic designer.

Graphic design is a process of communication using many types of visual elements, such as writing, shapes, and images that are intended to make perceptions of a message delivered. This field you call it the visual communication process.

A graphic designer must be able to convey the messages he wants to say using various kinds of visual elements. The success of this entire visual communication process is often indicated by new perceptions that different people get.

For example, the use of visual sign / road signs. Simple visual elements, but can be understood by all drivers. Sign is prohibited from parking, so there will be no people who will park in that place. Except for stupid people who do not understand the signs.

Let’s examine what dividends become graphic designers.

Express Your Creativity

As a graphic designer you can freely express your creativity. If you feel anxious about the political problems in this country, you can express it by making a number of designs that satirize how politics is in this country.

At present the anxiety felt by most designers is about pay. Many clients who want to get a good design but do not want to pay dearly. And ridiculous again, the design must be completed quickly. There are even quips about friend prices, or free.

With the design knowledge you have, you can make a simple poster or meme to satiric this symptom. There are even those who create memes about the love of the graphic designer version of love.

Well, you can make an understanding of these symptoms with an infographic that contains data obtained from many sources.

Run Your Own Studio

Do you want to have your own design studio? Now it’s time for you to begin to realize that fantasy. Don’t be put off again. The design skill that you have allows you to realize that dream. Now you live in your intentions. Don’t expect too high, it’s pretty good to create your design studio from small. Search for names, make logo designs, and promote. One device that you might need in running a design studio might be paint tablet. Check here to buy it.

Work at home / anywhere

I myself sometimes like to work anywhere, at home or at a place that according to the information from me is cool to work. Some people write working full-time at the office sometimes makes them lose creativity, but as a graphic designer you can work anywhere you want. With a note, you are not bound in office hours or as a freelancer.

If you can’t build your own design studio, you can start by becoming a freelancer first. Calculate sharpen skills and explore experience.

Freelancer potential

If you want to start a career as a freelancer, graphic design has the most potential for this. Like the previous point, by becoming a freelancer you can work anywhere, anytime without having to be bound by time (only a binding deadline). There are currently not a few websites that help freelancers find projects. In Indonesia, there are, sribulancer,, if there are,,,, and not a few.

In addition, there are many opportunities for this type of design, there are logo designs, clothes, websites, advertisements, packaging and others.

Self-Learning (Self-taught)

Graphic design skills do not have to be sharpened from a formal bench, like a lecture in a design campus. More than that, design skills will increase as they are rarely trained. You can learn from not a few tutorials, more or less read books for this field, and most importantly have a passion in design.

In Indonesia, there is a village called “design village”. A village located in Magelang Regency, Central Java. Kaliabu Village. This village has a design community that contains hundreds of young designers who almost partially learned the design self-taught. Many of them have been able to win the design competition that is often held online.

Only with Design and Creativity Software

If you start your career as a freelancer, you don’t need a lot of capital. You don’t need heavy equipment, trucks, or other materials. You only need a powerful computer and design applications like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. And the most important business is creativity, bone loss and self-development. Yep, it sounds pretty easy, but you need not a little practice to compete in order to reach the surface. Be diligent in listening and looking at design references.

Job stability

With so few opportunities, it can be great that a graphic designer will not often have a job. Economic problems can lead to an increase in advertising needs. The greater the development of a company, the more it is necessary to employ graphic designers. Although competitive, the graphic design market is growing and does not indicate signs of decline. Effective advertising can create or destroy a company, so chartering an experienced graphic designer is the first step to increase marketing.

Large Client Base

Some businesses need graphic designers. When the company will do marketing on its products, then companies need to design materials for their marketing weapons. This is where the urgent role of graphic design is. As long as business continues to grow and new businesses continue to emerge, then graphic designers will not often have little work. Thus, the competition is getting tighter each day, so you will need to work harder to get to the surface.

The greater the competition, there will be a price war. Someone will create the lowest price for unique prospective clients. Don’t blame. But prices assess quality. Definitely. With prices that are so low, I myself believe, the designer certainly won’t maximize his ability to design. It might be “urgent”, whether it looks good or not, the urgency of the client likes.

Potential for Business Repeat

The same client might become a valuable customer to get more than one job. We don’t know what the client company needs. If the development of the company is good, in order to develop its business, of course they need marketing that will hold graphic designers to prepare the ingredients. Good service for clients may create the client again for you. This will be profitable, to block your monthly target.

But, there are notes that you might have to consider. Even though the client is king, you also have to choose a client that you think is worth keeping too. Don’t keep clients who want to profit, but don’t want to carry out their obligations too. Don’t keep clients who want cheap but want to design with good quality. If possible, give understanding, but if you don’t understand it, just let it go.

Easy Marketing

There are not a few ways to do marketing. One of them is by using online media in the form of websites. Clients coming from my design studio all feel from online. We don’t use offline media, but almost 99% of clients come online. This online media is for me the most effective way to do marketing. It only needs annual fees for domains and hosting, and a number of seo website techniques. Or you can display your portfolio on community sites like, or Maybe if you want to create a website, you can visit this site. You can consult first before using it.

Maybe that’s the only point I can share for all of you. With the 10 points above it does not mean just being an easy graphic designer. You have to do a lot of struggle. You must continue to practice in order to face increasingly tighter competition from day to day.

Lots of watching references, reading articles or books about design growth will probably help you to add your skills more.