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7 Steps to Develop Your Design and Illustration Results in Online Gambling

Developing original works is something that an artist wants. Indeed you are inspired by a number of sources of choice, but are a combination of influences, discoveries, desires, and processes that trigger the results of what you do. Some of these steps will bring you closer to the original limit.

1. Plan for Authenticity of the Concept

What is thought or what is combined with the ideas that you have to the point that can bring you to the next project. Many types of artists need an original concept. What idea do you want to convey? If you find yourself wrapped up in a style network, then write verbally, or make a rough sketch.

I pursue that the concept of noting is the first step in an art process that creates me able to explore the pure ideas that come with original solutions before beginning the research process of choosing images. This can provoke every stage in the design process. Sketching quickly can also make you explore ideas that you have. You can sort out not a few concepts that you have with little time.

Considering that working as an illustrator or designer often must be matched with the customer’s wishes. The design of the design can give rise to indigenous solutions to existing problems. Try to work on excavating ideas, mapping, creating thumbnail sketches, and not a few other quick ways to perpetuate concepts that come continuously with unique solutions.

2. Experiment and Capture Everything That Is

Exciting experiments and misfortunes often lead you to new directions. You can arrange an experiment to push yourself so you can try new business. If you don’t know what devices can be used in Photoshop, search for them, and work until you get something unique. If you never use a scan engine, spend your days scanning all the textures in your home, and use them as illustrations. Emphasize yourself like this, for your development as an artist.

Of course, be open to everything that happens while you work. Something unexpected might happen unexpectedly. This might be able to provoke your previous project, but the data will be unique in your mind, and see what good projects you can use in the future.

3. Consider One Source Compared to Many Influential Sources

As an artist and designer, you have no small source of inspiration. We must avoid being too provoked by one source. In fact, each action from collecting a number of dominant sources will make you get the original work.

One dominant source will be a “copy” that is bad and the best “results compiled from the original”. Both of us have to do for increased results. Under a simple diagram. The above indicates an example from one source of inspiration, like Alt-dragging an element into the screen. This example shows how each of the many dominant sources can bring you to more authentic results. Including, continuously digging for something new.

Every artist is often influenced by different artists in the opposite times during his development. Free yourself to learn as much as you can about the artist: his approach, technique, and more – dig deeper compared only on the surface. Also, think about how you process this influence. When you process an influence, you absorb it into the previous lesson with ideas to develop our skills and the final work.

How an artist approaches a source might be more broadly compared to your approach to an example, so learn to do something that can help you make original work. You can apply this to everything. Look at how an artist technically brings a 3D element into a design that might teach you how to use that approach into different contexts.

4. Develop our Desires and Artistic Unique Visions

The part that brings us closer is the desire that you have. We become more interested in art and certain locations in art because something drives us. Your desire will encourage you to learn new locations of art and design. You might start by being inspired by a number of popular artists in the present and finished with fascination with Bauhaus artists the following month. Or, you might be most absorbed by digital painting and indirectly chasing vector graphics.

Your interesting and artistic vision is what you gather around the time of training, desire, and experience. That’s something that might just develop your times. An artist explores different types of activities, experiments, and uses all this knowledge.

5. Improve our process and your abilities

All artists will follow a number of traditions, often diverse. You may be influenced by a number of cartoonists and listen carefully to the subject, or sharpen a number of tutorials and learn the process of creating cartoon characters from the best learning in their field. You may have followed the school for 3D art and studied Maya inside and out. Many works of art that are inspired by tradition behind them, often are combinations of a number of sciences.

The more you improve your approach and technique, the better your work will be. This does not directly bring you originality, but you are able to create original works with a high level, and that will create other obstacles in assessing. For example, someone who draws extraordinary. Drawing is one of the ancient art formats, with a number of traditions and tips that can be mastered, where everything will be difficult to match without taking time to practice.

6. Create Goals that Are Easily Achieved and Challenges

I think we all know how to build and reach existing destinations, but let’s take a look. Say that you are interested in Digital Painting. An easy step to learning will make it easier to work on this Digitally Paint a Fantasy Tree Scene tutorial, which is good to start, but you have to go through it again.

You must set the hours that have been provided to investigate the subject. Study for Digital Painting masters. Then, read the writing and study of their work. After you master it, create a new destination in making your work. Make your goals in specific small stages, but you must not forget to plan how the bulk results in your work.

A challenge is something that is almost the same as a goal if you try to reach something, but they are not much different. Let’s say that you have worked in the field of Digital Painting for a number of months. You will probably conclude to challenge yourself to draw a flying car or combine your brush skills with tips on manipulating photos. An obstacle is sometimes difficult to reach, and requires struggle, but can still be reached.

7. Achieve Personal Goals Through Success That Is Difficult to Achieve

On a number of points, artists have succeeded from the processes, preferences, and empirical elements that they experience so that they lead to personal goals. They may just watch the work of different people and appreciate it, and who knows when it motivates it, but for the urgent part they have their own techniques, unique techniques to develop the process, and continuously produce weighty original works weighted | high quality. Sometimes, rationality comes from a complicated effort: high skills start with learning, training, and a number of supporting projects.


The concepts you must have mastered, especially if you go to an art school or a design school, but not a few young designers do it alone and study on their own through sites like Psdtuts +. So, the concept of making original works might seem the most difficult, but if you create progressive constraints, you will reach your real goals. If there are questions, you should not hesitate to ask. You can apply this concept to design an Online Gambling website to make it look nicer and more attractive. Besides this concept is also able to attract online gambling lovers to visit which is accompanied by promos and bonuses. Usually, the games available on every Online Gambling website are diverse, ranging from online Casino games, Zynga Poker, Sportsbook, and many more.

Let’s take an example from YukPokerOnline. This site is known as one of the best sites in Indonesia since 2015. Selling various kinds of games, from IDN Poker, Ceme Online, Capsa Online, and many more. Growing at a ridiculously high pace until now, YukPokerOnline is also known as one of the most anticipated Poker Site in 2018. They have been using all of the methods we talk about earlier to optimize their homepage into a better user experience friendly site, check them out at their official channel. At the end of the day, you will know why you need to follow our 7 little Steps. Cheer!


7 Best Websites to Download Free Vector

In printing, the quality of your final product usually depends on two things: printing machines and artwork files delivered to production. This blog contains articles and tips written to help you optimize your artwork files for commercial printing, to the extent that you will not be disappointed with the results.

Today, we find this blog post because it is designing file artwork or doing research whether we try to design our work or not. It is possible. You want to find out the recommendations of the best web website from us to download vector graphics for free. While working in this business, we have been working on all web websites and understand the best sites available! However, before beginning sharing, we want to use this opportunity to concentrate on the difference between vector and raster graphics, as well as the advantages of vector graphics for printing.

If you are an experienced professional, you probably already know it. So, skip this element and read the choices of our web site.

What are Vector Graphics?

Usually, the word “vector” is a terrible word. Most of us may remember the mathematics study room in high school, poor grades, disappointed parents, and angry teachers. But, you should not worry because we will not talk about vector calculus now.

In the language of graphic design, vector graphics are only a visual element (shapes, images, etc.) composed of hundreds of thousands of small lines and curves – called vectors – and are not composed of pixels, like raster graphs. These files are called vector graphics because they consist of a set of mathematical information that assesses the position, direction, magnitude, color, and so on of each vector in the file. Vector files are created and edited in soft devices such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Macromedia, and others.

In contrast, a raster graph (or bitmap) consists of only containing color pixel information. The small dot or box that is visible when you zoom in on a raster image is Pixel. For example, the portrait we take with a cellphone camera or camera is often a raster file because it is composed of pixels. You can also edit these files using software such as Gimp, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo-Paint, and others.

Why Should We Use Vector Graphics for Artwork Design?

The main advantage of using vector graphics for artwork design is that there is no limit to image resolution. A common problem with works of art delivered to printing locations is raster images with recommendations that are too low to get weighty prints | weighted | high quality. When the resolution of an image is too small, the print will often become blurry or unclear. This happens because when a raster image is enlarged, the pixels will be expanded and the image quality will decrease because you can watch the enlarged boxes.

Using vector graphics directly overcomes the problem because you can enlarge the vector according to your will without decreasing quality. Indeed, image resolution does not apply at all to vector graphics because they are not composed of pixels. That’s why when we print vectors of any size, the quality will often be super sharp for more details about the difference between vector and raster graphics.

The only dividend from raster images is a detailed level that cannot be reached by vector graphics. That’s why you can’t use vector graphics for all things. What also must be real must be shown as high-resolution pixel images. Often, you must use raster images in your artwork, but the resolution must exceed 300 dpi! A resolution of at least 300 dpi is needed to ensure excellent image quality when the image is enlarged and printed.

Below is a visual description of the vector and raster graphics display after zooming in. As you can see, there is a point where the raster graph will begin to show the pixel of the box clearly. But, vectors can be enlarged according to will without decreasing quality. That’s why vectors are a necessary choice for the non-photographic logos and graphics parts contained in your artwork.

Because you now understand the difference between vector graphics and raster and dividend respectively, let’s discuss our overview of the 10 best web websites to DOWNLOAD FREE VECTOR GRAPHICS.


Freepik is probably one of the most popular web sites for downloading vectors that are often used by designers. This website is the most popular and has many kinds of vector and raster image options with sophisticated or classic designs and different styles. We can pursue anything, from icons and cartoons to backgrounds and products. All you need to do is type what is needed. Many vectors are free, but there are also vectors that are paid, but quite affordable.


This website is fully concentrated on the icon. We can download vector icons from many different groups to customize your artwork. This website is probably one of the best options for icons, especially if you like minimalist icons.


Vecteezy is a different website that is rarely recommended by not a few designers because it is user-friendly. It’s fun to wander Vecteezy because this website has not a few funny icons, banners, and other artwork.


Even Dryicons is one web site that concentrates on icons. This website is an excellent resource if you are digging for an icon that must follow a specific style. For both web sites and printed artwork, you will probably pursue all the icons needed here.


This website offers the right combination of free icons, banners, and other types of artwork. You can easily wander the site using the search box.


If you want to get vector backgrounds for free, maybe you can find them quickly and precisely from 123FreeVectors. Just visit their website and see the vectors there.


You can quickly catch the chart by selecting interesting groups, both brushes, icons, styles, patterns, background graphics, fonts and more!

Evolution of Web Design in The Last Six Years

It seems that there have been some months leading to 2019. How have all the resolutions of Friend Coding this year been achieved? However, this time I’m not going to talk about transitional year resolutions, but web design changes six years back.

Every year, all developments in web design are very dynamic following the existing technological trends. If we look back for six years, you will remember the appearance of CSS Framework like Bootstrap, Skeleton, Materialize, etc. And the emergence of Responsive Web Design caused by the growth of mobile devices that are so rapid.

So, I was asked before by my students how I build one of a quite popular website for online gaming. Of course, I use most of the new technologies such as responsive design, parallax scrolling, and so on. Using a transparent overlay on the header really makes it stands out to become trusted online gambling sites, who provides 24 hours customer service for online casino and e-sportsbook.

Without further ado lets flashback on the year when each of the website design techniques came out.

In 2013, Responsive Web Design became popular

The emergence of Responsive Web Design was not in 2013. Historically, the appearance of Responsive Web Design was estimated in mid-2010. However, this year the rapid growth of mobile devices that created Responsive Web Design became popular. This makes the appearance of the site more flexible when it starts on the desktop or the mobile device.

Typography and content layout is a serious concern for the web design trend in 2013. The layout of content and images is the simplest at the time. This matter is due to the ease of creating a responsive website appearance.

In 2014, the year was the CSS Framework and Flat Design

2014 was the year of the Framework CSS, that year they became the ideal for website developers. This CSS framework makes it easy to create website views. They also popularize grid systems that make it easier for developers to create a responsive display.

Besides the CSS Framework, the trend in 2014 is Flat Design. Flat Design makes not a bit of site design at the moment emphasize more aspects of benefits and creates a more minimalist and cleaner look. This year the site design focuses more on typography, the selection of bright colors and two-dimensional illustrations. And reduce the use of fuss, shadows, and textures.

2015, Storytelling and Longer Scrolling

This year, we will probably not meet a few websites that seem to have a storyline and consist of only one page that extends. Yes, in 2015 was the year of Storytelling and Longer Scrolling Design. These two design trends have a close connection.

It is combined with illustrations and animations that create content contained within the site to be interactive and exciting. All users will understand the contents of the website solely by using the scroll. However, this website is more suitable for promotional purposes.

In 2016, Material Design was very popular

If in 2014 the use of fuss and shadows is minimal, not with Material Design that is popular this year. Material Design picks up implementations from the real world. Each object is in 3D format to the extent that it will provoke the location of shadows and light from objects. Material Design also has animations that are responsive to interactions.

Although Google released the Material Design itself in 2014, it was more popular in 2016. This was due to the lack of prestige with Flat Design. But over time, all UI Designers or UI Engineers adopted Material Design to develop the website to the point of becoming a trend at that time.

In 2017, welcome to Flexbox

2017 is the year of Flexbox, Flexbox is. Among the default layouts of CSS 3 (more comprehensive see here). This trend is very much experienced by UI Engineers (more thoroughly see here) than by all Web Designers. Flexbox itself is the most petrified in developing the website display so that container positions can be more flexible following the view from the device itself.

Next, to Flexbox, the selection of bright colors and a combination of gradients of similar colors is excellent. This is still provoked by a trend in material design that brings bright and attractive colors.

In 2018, Mobile First

In 2018, people used less mobile equipment than laptops or personal computers to access website websites. So that all developers take advantage of icons to replace the components commonly used in the display site on a laptop or personal computer service. So that the appearance of mobile equipment is the main concentration for some UI Engineers and UI Design.

Besides, even more, use of SVG. The matter is due to the superiority of vector images that will not break or fade even if it starts at any screen size. This is also part of the impact of the Mobile First trend.

Every year, the web design trend changes. Then what about the trends in 2019 that will come, this is unique for you to look forward to how the shock.

10 Best Websites to Find Web Design Inspiration

When talking about web design, it is clear the task is to design a website. Being a web designer is always required to have new ideas to improve the quality of his work. Forgetting a brilliant new idea, you could say it’s easy and difficult. The idea is unpredictable when it comes. However, plans can be made and formed by watching other people’s design work. For those who are still beginners, need inspiration – inspiration that can be obtained from the results of other people’s designs, but it does not mean imitating or plagiarizing.

Here are ten sites where there is a sophisticated and good web design, where you can watch cool designs and be inspired to create web designs.


Awwwards is a site where all the best designs are collected here, then judged by techniques that are valued by all members as far as good or not specific web designs are determined by the number of people who like the design. This creates a more natural design assessment, and you can also know which design concepts people don’t want.

Web Design Inspiration

Not only web design inspiration but in web design inspiration also accommodates other design works, such as logos, illustrations, and others.


FWA or Favorite Website Award, a site that evaluates all good websites around the world and sends awards in the form of a site of the day, site of the month and so on. We can also send site links to FWA if your website feels good.


ThemeForest is not a web design provider site. ThemeForest is a marketplace website where templates throughout the world are traded. Themeforest provides professional models and maintains quality.

99 Designs

Like Themeforest, 99Designs is not a priority location for design inspiration. 99design is the number 1 design contest website in the world. The web design of all professionals is displayed there to win the contest. From here you can explore new design inspiration, from many web designers.

One Love Page

A love page is where the template is the best website. You can see and be an inspiration, in One Page Love, there are not many web designs with diverse and unique groups.

8 Faces

For those of you who want to create an e-commerce site about typography, this web design is quite good so that you can inspire the appearance of your site.

Site Inspire

Similar to other inspirational websites, the inspire site is a website that contains inspiration from high-quality web designs. The smoothest navigation, and not a few ads, so users feel comfortable when using.

United Pixel Workers

The advantage of the United Pixel worker website is to highlight the details of their products.

 The Best Designs

In addition to showing a quality web design style, the best design also shows access to the author’s profile link. This can help you watch various designs from the designer.

That’s the ten best sites to find inspiration for web design. Of course with a few points like the website above can add to your inspiration in the world of web design.

5 Essential Tips in Designing Bonafide Casino Companies Logo

For you, how important is a logo? Apparently, from everything like letterhead, website, marketing, the logo press includes all this. Logo becomes the first impression when different people come to understand our company. In other words, the logo is one of the most important identities that a company must possess.

The logo of a company must show a good impression of the business that the company has, can present itself well and dynamically so that you will look like a professional, even though your office is only in a garage. There are a number of guidelines that have been tested that might help you in getting a great logo. Whether you rent an agency or make it yourself.

Your logo must describe your company with interesting and honest techniques.

It feels obvious, but in the field you will be surprised to hear a number of business owners want something like a competitor. If your logo uses a symbol, it must be related to your company, company name, company characteristics or the competitive advantage you offer.

What impression do you want to give when someone views your business? If it’s fast delivery, then consider objects that contain the meaning of speed, like wings or an hour. These elements are often used by logistics companies, for example the Post Indonesia. Consider abstract symbols to say a progressive approach – abstract is a choice that is appropriate for high-tech companies. Or maybe you just want an object that represents the product or service you are selling.¬†As with companies engaged in gambling or casinos. They design logos that are simple and easy to remember by the players. Because with the Logo also provides the identity of the Casino company.

Avoid too few details

Simple Logo is recognized faster than complex. Strong lines, letters that are present are better than thin ones barely visible, clean. The market for Casino are mostly high profile people, who doesn’t like complicated things. They want to get access to Casino easily, give bet anytime they want, like when they playing online gambling¬†in each sportsbook competition. But even though your logo must look simple, it doesn’t mean it must be really simple, with different origin words. A good logo has something that is not suspect or unique. We see a number of logos like, McDonald, Nike, Prudential. Notice how their logo is simple but interesting. When you see the “check” symbol, you will assume it is the logo of Nike. When watching a big “M” letter with yellow color, especially when you’re hungry, you would expect it to be McDonal. Simple, but not careless

Your logo must work well in black and white (single color)

If your logo doesn’t look good in black and white, it won’t look good in any color. Keep in mind, too, if the cost of printing a four-color logo is often more expensive than one or two color prints.

Make sure your logo is scalable

With a different word, your logo must be beautiful both large and small, in many media. A good rule of thumb is on business cards / billboards. Your logo must look good on both. Although the logo is enlarged or minimized, it will not minimize its trademark or identity. In this matter, the Nike logo is still a very superior logo in terms of scalable.

Your logo must have a balanced artistic

The best way to say this is that your logo must look “balanced” to the eye, there is no one to surpass the rest. Just like a painting, it would seem surprising if all the colors and details were divorced in one corner, so was the asymmetrical logo. Color, line density and shape, all affect the equilibrium of this logo.

Many logo teachers insist that a logo must be designed to last up to 10 or 15 years. But we have never heard of a fortune teller who came to design a trend. Yes, at any time the trend will change and maybe your logo must be changed so that it looks more fresh. The best way to ensure the longevity of the logo, in addition to the guidelines listed above is to make sure you love your blog. Never be satisfied with something half cooked.

Once you are committed to the design of your logo, you are sure and like the logo, make sure you have in three forms of this file, EPS for printing, JPG and GIF for the website. Basically, this conversion file creates your logo as an element of art, to the point that it no longer becomes a symbol with a typeface. Which brings us to very important rules in logo design, never to process your logo! If you want to turn on the website, okay, the list doesn’t process the essence.

How Do We Start Learning Web Design?

Learning web design is not like we learn to create instant noodles that are carried out in a number of stages. This is completely different, yes it’s different. Learning web design is not something that is instant, not unlike learning web programming and more. When you have stepped on this world, you have to really have to concentrate on learning it if we are to become its maestron. Among all seniors, perhaps this is easy and easy to learn, but for those of you who are laymen and have never touched it at all, this is a difficult thing to do, but it is not impossible.

In this article, I want to tell you about the empirical studies I have had for a number of years, even though I am not the maestron of many things in the world of web design. I just want to tell you how I learned that maybe some lessons can be learned for you to start learning when you enter the world of web design.

Know first the basics in web creation

This is urgent to do, when 4 years later when I was in a vocational school because I learned the lessons in the study were required to master the basic HTML syntax, some basic PHP programming but not too little to learn css. This is where my interest in the world of the web began to emerge, perhaps this was the beginning I began to like this world until I loved it.

When people around me negotiate the web, they will show my name, and vice versa. My images changed because of my love. This is the importance of learning the basics of this world, you will judge your suitability here, if not and you feel this is boring means you don’t really like this world, you might just like it.

Try learning from the existing cms and templates

When I started stepping on the 2 Vocational Study Room, the training material about the web was no longer deepened. The next time I began to deepen the world with self-taught techniques. Whether it’s true or not, some people who are successful in their fields learn their love with self-taught. I bought it, dug in the library, on google which talked about web, web and the web. Whether it’s programming or in the design. Until I know the name Joomla cms.

What I do next is to start custom-template templates consisting of rows of html code, css, and a number of php code. Because of the growing mindset (I’m sure everyone has this), I’m looking for writing about how to create joomla templates. At the end, I met a joomla maestro who lived in Banyuwangi and I was returned. He taught me how to look for techniques on google search. He also taught me what to do to make the cms belong to me.

That’s where I deepened my custom template until I really knew the principles of CSS. Honestly before I never understood with the name css, I only understood html and not much php programing. From here I can decide by trying to customize existing templates we can learn and find out for us to create your own template. After that it was also the first time I created a legitimate website that is an organization in my neighborhood that uses paid cpanel and uses a commercial domain. For ordinary people, this is something extraordinary, after getting the first project.

Set yourself, focus, slam & smart, and keep trying

This is a business that must be carried out in any field. All fields must have these 3 steps, maybe more. Considering how I studied first (even now) I really wrote myself as a machine that works all the time. No day, night, morning, dawn I continue to study. the business that I used to do was almost 18 hours in front of this use computer. For solving the problem I want to get. I don’t know what was thought, if the problem that I made was unsolved I could not stop, even I slept until I dreamed of it.

Set yourself up whether you believe you will be in this world. Are you ready to learn and develop with this world? Are you ready to learn long time for this world? Do not let you waste your time on matters that you are not interested in. This will delay what success you are interested in learning, even though learning has nothing to lose but this is sometimes urgent for us to start.

Focus on doing it, let your mind center on the use of this world. Although sometimes some people like to do not a few things that can sometimes break the focus, but concentration in a field can really succeed in making success and learning in whatever it is. Even companies that break their focus will sometimes become irregular aburadul what they really want to develop.

Hard work is probably not a business that someone has just carried out to reach the goal, reproduced more by smart work. These are 2 combinations that are suitable for you to start learning and step on the world of web design. I will not say more about this, I’m sure you know more than I mean from this.

When you have done all three things, surely you will find many kinds of problems, I never make sure when you read this article you will avoid problems, it’s a big mistake. Life will often be colored by the problems of life, perhaps the sophisticated word of people “living without problems is not bad, it’s better to die”. The thing that might give you a solution to your problem is to keep trying, never to give up, you can’t stop when you start. When it fails, explore again. This is not just in life, but even when you try and begin to deepen the world of web design.

Challenge accepted

When you have begun to be proficient in this world and you can have a number of projects starting with a concept that you may not know about the technique of creating it, you should never reject it if you really want to develop. Suppose that is a challenge that you will face. Make the problem of complex concepts a challenge. When you have finished it then look at what you have got, not just money, but the growth of your thinking, your hard work starts to increase, and most importantly you get new knowledge that will bring you to growth to enter the professional world competition

Ok, maybe that is what I can share, hopefully you can become a maestro in this field, just remember learning all the time is important, it can’t be until you lose not much information then you will be left behind.

Now that’s just a part of the technique. Further explanation, perhaps we will peel it on another day, this is only the most important part. For beginners it will probably be the most important, but for all masters, this line will be an ordinary matter.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Responsive Web Design

Advantages and Disadvantages of Responsive Web Design. If you talk about excellence about something, it will not be fair without revealing its shortcomings, although not much. All that is made in this world is comparable between advantages and disadvantages, classified as human-made technology.

In this matter you will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of responsive web design. Previously we have talked about what is responsive web design. Now let’s peel about the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Responsive Web Design
This article we made to be limited to information for those of you who are beginners in the world of web design. Because we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of responsive web, it does not mean that we make you confused and wonder “is it necessary to create my website to be responsive?”


We do not intend to create these questions in your head. It is precisely with this writing that we hope you are more expensive about responsive web design.

Let’s see how the responsiveness and weaknesses of web responsiveness:

Advantages of Responsive Web Design

You get a lot of dividends from realizing this web responsive technique, like:

– Saving money.

Customers just need to fulfill the development of a website. There is no mobile software or mobile site needed.

There is only one site that needs to be created and can implement the mobile and desktop benefits simultaneously, so this saves you costs in web development.

Publishing new content becomes easier because it only needs to be carried out on one site, who does it, it will save you a little time (if you compare time is money).

– Allows your website to look better.

Future planning for responsive web design, is using a mobile approach. This can cause the website to look clean, code performance will be faster on mobile and desktop size equipment.

– Allows customers to pursue information more easily – anytime and anywhere.

Using responsive web design in your site design means that sites will find fewer visitors using different mobile devices, like smart tablets and smart phones.

A visitor is far more likely to purchase products and services from a website that actually works on their equipment.

This will benefit you and the customer, you get the results of the sale while the customer finds an easier purchase experience because it can be accessed in all of his equipment.

For this matter, Google also advises you as a webmaster to use responsive web design, you can read here.

Lack of Responsive Web Design

In order to stay fair, let’s discuss a number of shortcomings derived from responsive web design:

– Slow access.

A single site / one page site will load all elements, classified as images, on each device. Please check this resource to handle images in responsive design.

Maybe the image size or other will cause a slow website. But, this business can also be overcome by using the cache plugin if you use wordpress.

– Can extend development periods and upfront costs.

In the excellence points, our responsive web design will save time, but not for creation at the initial stage. This will take a long time to build the structure.

If this has been completed, then if there is a layout that is not sufficiently appropriate this will speed you up to fix it without having to unload the code in a separate application.

The key here is to have knowledge. Don’t just take a responsive project without understanding what you have to do.

– Content must be shared on all platforms and operating systems.

Some people strive to take easy stages by hiding content and elements that want to be harder to handle on mobile equipment.

Don’t be among these people. Learn how to handle shapes, tables and navigation on each device.

On this blog, we wanted to eliminate a number of content that could not be seen properly on mobile equipment, but at the end we changed the layout structure so that not a little of the content must be removed on mobile equipment.

– Visitors don’t always want the same experience everywhere, on every device.

This can be great because a number of contents on equipment that are not (intentionally omitted) or difficult to make.

For example, the content that you bring up on the desktop and is very much needed by the user, but on your mobile equipment you will eliminate it because the argument is not suitable to be generated or matched with the content.

The content in question is like removing the sidebar on the web when accessed on a mobile device.

Be sure to enter everything, while optimizing empirically across devices. Also check items that are listed first in the assessment such as: “Does the site really need them?”

Actually, this business is not the absolute weakness of responsive web design, but rather leads to the urgent things that you must pay attention to when creating responsive design.

By understanding this, you can reduce things that are not expected when working on web development.

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10 Benefits of Being a Graphic Designer in 2018

10 Benefits of Being a Graphic Designer. The graphic design field is currently not in great demand. Every company engaged in any field starts to need a graphic designer. Graphic design is often needed for an advertising or weapon for the promotion of a company. Next you will discuss what dividends become a graphic designer.

Graphic design is a process of communication using many types of visual elements, such as writing, shapes, and images that are intended to make perceptions of a message delivered. This field you call it the visual communication process.

A graphic designer must be able to convey the messages he wants to say using various kinds of visual elements. The success of this entire visual communication process is often indicated by new perceptions that different people get.

For example, the use of visual sign / road signs. Simple visual elements, but can be understood by all drivers. Sign is prohibited from parking, so there will be no people who will park in that place. Except for stupid people who do not understand the signs.

Let’s examine what dividends become graphic designers.

Express Your Creativity

As a graphic designer you can freely express your creativity. If you feel anxious about the political problems in this country, you can express it by making a number of designs that satirize how politics is in this country.

At present the anxiety felt by most designers is about pay. Many clients who want to get a good design but do not want to pay dearly. And ridiculous again, the design must be completed quickly. There are even quips about friend prices, or free.

With the design knowledge you have, you can make a simple poster or meme to satiric this symptom. There are even those who create memes about the love of the graphic designer version of love.

Well, you can make an understanding of these symptoms with an infographic that contains data obtained from many sources.

Run Your Own Studio

Do you want to have your own design studio? Now it’s time for you to begin to realize that fantasy. Don’t be put off again. The design skill that you have allows you to realize that dream. Now you live in your intentions. Don’t expect too high, it’s pretty good to create your design studio from small. Search for names, make logo designs, and promote. One device that you might need in running a design studio might be paint tablet. Check here to buy it.

Work at home / anywhere

I myself sometimes like to work anywhere, at home or at a place that according to the information from me is cool to work. Some people write working full-time at the office sometimes makes them lose creativity, but as a graphic designer you can work anywhere you want. With a note, you are not bound in office hours or as a freelancer.

If you can’t build your own design studio, you can start by becoming a freelancer first. Calculate sharpen skills and explore experience.

Freelancer potential

If you want to start a career as a freelancer, graphic design has the most potential for this. Like the previous point, by becoming a freelancer you can work anywhere, anytime without having to be bound by time (only a binding deadline). There are currently not a few websites that help freelancers find projects. In Indonesia, there are, sribulancer,, if there are,,,, and not a few.

In addition, there are many opportunities for this type of design, there are logo designs, clothes, websites, advertisements, packaging and others.

Self-Learning (Self-taught)

Graphic design skills do not have to be sharpened from a formal bench, like a lecture in a design campus. More than that, design skills will increase as they are rarely trained. You can learn from not a few tutorials, more or less read books for this field, and most importantly have a passion in design.

In Indonesia, there is a village called “design village”. A village located in Magelang Regency, Central Java. Kaliabu Village. This village has a design community that contains hundreds of young designers who almost partially learned the design self-taught. Many of them have been able to win the design competition that is often held online.

Only with Design and Creativity Software

If you start your career as a freelancer, you don’t need a lot of capital. You don’t need heavy equipment, trucks, or other materials. You only need a powerful computer and design applications like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. And the most important business is creativity, bone loss and self-development. Yep, it sounds pretty easy, but you need not a little practice to compete in order to reach the surface. Be diligent in listening and looking at design references.

Job stability

With so few opportunities, it can be great that a graphic designer will not often have a job. Economic problems can lead to an increase in advertising needs. The greater the development of a company, the more it is necessary to employ graphic designers. Although competitive, the graphic design market is growing and does not indicate signs of decline. Effective advertising can create or destroy a company, so chartering an experienced graphic designer is the first step to increase marketing.

Large Client Base

Some businesses need graphic designers. When the company will do marketing on its products, then companies need to design materials for their marketing weapons. This is where the urgent role of graphic design is. As long as business continues to grow and new businesses continue to emerge, then graphic designers will not often have little work. Thus, the competition is getting tighter each day, so you will need to work harder to get to the surface.

The greater the competition, there will be a price war. Someone will create the lowest price for unique prospective clients. Don’t blame. But prices assess quality. Definitely. With prices that are so low, I myself believe, the designer certainly won’t maximize his ability to design. It might be “urgent”, whether it looks good or not, the urgency of the client likes.

Potential for Business Repeat

The same client might become a valuable customer to get more than one job. We don’t know what the client company needs. If the development of the company is good, in order to develop its business, of course they need marketing that will hold graphic designers to prepare the ingredients. Good service for clients may create the client again for you. This will be profitable, to block your monthly target.

But, there are notes that you might have to consider. Even though the client is king, you also have to choose a client that you think is worth keeping too. Don’t keep clients who want to profit, but don’t want to carry out their obligations too. Don’t keep clients who want cheap but want to design with good quality. If possible, give understanding, but if you don’t understand it, just let it go.

Easy Marketing

There are not a few ways to do marketing. One of them is by using online media in the form of websites. Clients coming from my design studio all feel from online. We don’t use offline media, but almost 99% of clients come online. This online media is for me the most effective way to do marketing. It only needs annual fees for domains and hosting, and a number of seo website techniques. Or you can display your portfolio on community sites like, or Maybe if you want to create a website, you can visit this site. You can consult first before using it.

Maybe that’s the only point I can share for all of you. With the 10 points above it does not mean just being an easy graphic designer. You have to do a lot of struggle. You must continue to practice in order to face increasingly tighter competition from day to day.

Lots of watching references, reading articles or books about design growth will probably help you to add your skills more.

Learning Web Design Turns Out Not Too Difficult

As we have already written in the previous article about how to start learning web design techniques, we will now explain how it feels when learning web design. Seriously, it’s easy, it’s difficult. How easy or difficult is how you will peel the following information.

Learning Web Design is Easy

The following is an explanation why learning web design is easy.

Internet as a necessity

Currently learning is easiest because of the internet. Whatever information you are looking for is all over the internet. With the internet also makes people like to share whatever they want to share, ranging from tutorials, stories about experiences, success stories, or anything that interests them or who can help others to get information.

Not just sharing, the internet can also be a land for digging up money through so many PPC advertising services, of course the famous one is google adsense. The internet when this has really become a necessity, is not taken into account almost all people use the internet, whether it is used to play games, brag with others, dig up information or anything else. Even in learning you will do a little to catch up on the information you need, especially learning in connection with web design.

Many sources can help

So there are not a few sources that you can get when you want to look for matters related to web design. From individual blogs to even blogs written by dozens of authors who are professionals in their fields. From English to Indonesian, there are also, including the Share Yuks blog, because we have a mission to help friends who are beginners can hone skills to become professionals. If you are observant and can play your logic when typing keywords on google, all your searches will be there.

Many Community Forums About Web Design and Developer

If you have trouble with the problem that you are solving in learning web design, explore joining the online forum like stackoverflow. Make the question match the problem you’re experiencing, but you can’t ask a trivial problem because maybe some of them will be lazy to answer it. You may not make questions that have been asked by others, search first, if you do not pursue a solution to your problem, then ask.

When you are looking for business related to web design and developers on google, often always get a reference to this forum. Many problems related to web design and developers we solve thanks to friends who are on the stackoverflow forum. Not necessarily at an outside forum, there are not a few forums in Indonesia discussing such matters as Kaskus. At Kaskus there is a forum sub group that talks about this matter. Honestly, when learning has become easier because the use of forums is very popular, if you have never learned to go through forums, from now on try.

Buy Books About the Web

Although the book that talks about the web is not a number on the internet, but no doubt you also have to have a book. Speaking on books is often much more specific or detailed. Web learning books are now provided with a little CD that contains material (source code / web files) that matches the booklet. This will help us learn. One that we recommend to buy is a book published by Lokomedia. For us the information contained in this book is quite easily understood and practiced, after all the source file has been provided.

Learning Web Design is difficult

Yes, learning web design is very difficult, why? Next we will submit to a number of points like the next.

A little complaining

Are you the type of person who likes to complain? It’s okay to complain. I haven’t tried it yet. You like that? If so, then you must eliminate this trait. Learning the web is not an affair, it will often be smooth. When attempting a typical study you will be faced with many problems that will make you even more a maestro.

Complaining is not a good option when you are studying, try to focus on the solution to the problem, do not concentrate on the problem you are facing, for example an error occurs or your script does not want the road to match what you imagine. The more you don’t complain a bit, then you will never find a solution. Trust me. Research slowly, ask Google, maybe you just found the solution, rather than complaining always, right?

Too Easy to Give Up

You are learning to create a drop down menu with CSS, but only halfway through the script that you use does not want the way it should be. Then you think, “Ah, never mind, learning is different. It’s really hard for him. ” If that’s all it has given up, when is it usually? So, learning web design is categorized as difficult if you are too easy to give up. Easy giving up in the learning process will make you miss the urgent things from the process itself.

If you like watching movies, watch Silicon Valley (TV Series. You will see how they struggle to make their own products. Do they just give up when they get into trouble? Of course not. Maybe this is not a movie that comes from a real story, but the majority of people who succeed in their fields have an unyielding attitude.

Lazy Learning

“What do you want to be if you are lazy to learn, huh? Maybe we don’t often hear such sentences from your own parents. But it is true, if we are lazy to learn then you will never know what is new, you will never be able to know something that you have never known. People who are lazy to learn will be left behind. How do you become a “can” web design if you are lazy to learn? Other people witness the degree of someone from their level of education, but we witness the degree of someone from his desire to learn.

When you study web design, eliminating not many of these 3 attitudes, even if you want to succeed in your learning process.

Apart from that you also have to have goals what you will do when you are already proficient in web design. Do not just just want to know, too dear for the time you throw away. Try creating a web or anything that might be useful for different people or yourself with the knowledge you already have.

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