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How to Install Live Chat on the Website

A WordPress chat plugin can be a vital tool for your website. When someone visits a website, not a few of them want to know more about the website. Can want to know about products, sellers, types of services, and payments to many others.

When a website does not have features that allow visitors to communicate directly with the website or seller, there is a high probability that they will switch to another website. This is the importance of having a live chat feature for your website.

Especially if your website is an online game platform, there will be lots of questions or problems experienced by players. In order to increase member satisfaction, take advantage of this feature. For example, a player wants to play Gates of Olympus and doesn’t know the tricks to play in order to win, so he contacts customer service via a live chat service. And cs will also give directions about gacor patterns and gacor clocks.

So, in this article we will explain several plugins for how to install live chat live chat on websites with WhatsApp that you can use. Let’s see to the end!

Recommended WhatsApp Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

Here are some plugins that you can try. Each plugin has unique features that can be obtained free of charge, but there are also paid versions. You can try a variety of existing plugins, or choose the one that you think is most suitable for the business you are running.

Zеndеѕk Lіvе Chat

Zendesk Live Chat is active on tens of thousands of websites and counting. Zendesk Live Chat was developed especially for small and medium business owners. The advantages of Zendesk Live Chat are its simple and lightweight appearance, its dashboard that is easy for anyone to use, live support that is always available and is available in more than 40 languages.

WP Live Chat Support

WP Live Chat Support is quite popular and the features that are presented are very many. With more than 1 million downloads and active on more than 50 thousand websites, WP Live Chat Support can provide Live Chat services efficiently.

Click to Chat WhatsApp

One of the WhаtsaApp WordPress live chat plugins that you can try next is Click to Chat WhatsApp. Currently Click to Chat WhatsApp is active on more than hundreds of thousands of websites. Then the most interesting feature of this plugin is integration with WhatsApp. You can easily interact with visitors via WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp me

WhatsApp me introduces a very easy and simple solution to display the WhatsApp button on the website. With more than hundreds of thousands of websites using WhatsApp me, the quality of this plugin is guaranteed. WhatsApp me also provides a Dark Mode feature which is quite liked by many people.

WhatsHelp Chat Button

WhatsHelp Chat Button is a plugin that can connect WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and many other services to a WordPress website. The advantage of this plugin is the many services that can be supported. With this plugin, you can freely interact with visitors. WhatsHelp Chat Button is now active on more than tens of thousands of websites and continues to get lots of positive reviews.

WhatsHelp Chat Button guarantees the service is free forever. All features can be used without paying any fees. The widget offered is also easy to use and looks clean. Your website appearance will not be disturbed. There is no need to create an account to use the WhatsHelp Chat Button.


Chaty has been used on more than tens of thousands of websites. This lightweight plugin can connect Live Chat on websites with many services such as Facebook Messenger and Telegram. Each visitor can choose how they contact you and it’s only one click away.


There are tons of plugins that you can choose from. Whichever plugin you choose will have an important role for your business. With a direct connection between Live Chat on the website and the service of your choice, every visitor can interact directly anytime and anywhere.

You will not lose a business opportunity with the plugins available above. Keep in mind that a fast response will increase the trust of every visitor who comes to your website. Prepare carefully the language and automated messages used to respond.

So that every visitor feels comfortable and really interacts with humans and not robots. Each plugin also has its own installation procedure. None of the plugins are difficult to install, you need to read the instructions carefully for time efficiency. Those are the articles that we can summarize about how to install live chat on the website, hopefully, this is useful, thank you.


The 5 Best WordPress Themes for Travel

Are you looking for the best WordPress themes for the best travel? You could say that travel is one of the most promising business ventures to run. For those who have this business, you can create a website so that the business will progress and turnover will increase sharply. You can use WordPress because it has easy-to-understand settings.

In this CMS, you can enjoy a variety of interesting features that make travel websites even more attractive. One of the features in question is the abundant WordPress themes that can be adapted to the needs of the website. For those who need references, in this article, we will discuss them so you don’t need to worry.

The Best Best Travel WordPress Themes to Work for Websites

The WordPress themes provided are very abundant and can be adjusted according to user needs. Each of these themes can be used for free and paid. You just have to adjust to your needs. For those who need a WordPress theme for travel purposes, here are the best recommendations;

1. Shapely

Shapely By Silkalns

This WordPress theme has a pixel-perfect design with extra features. Interestingly, users can also customize the appearance of the theme according to website requirements. There are many widgets that can be used to add services or products.

Shapely works well with free plugins such as Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, and Jetpack. Those who use it will benefit because they are friendly to mobile and also very responsive.

2. Feltmag


Feltmag is the next great magazine-style WordPress theme for travel blog content. It features a modern layout with a full screen header followed by sections of content in a beautiful grid style.

Feltmag includes two navigation menus in the header area, flexible header designs, custom widgets, social media icons, and more. Feltmag is designed to be easy to use even by beginners.3. Enigma

3. Enigma

Enigma Themes WordPress

Enigma can be used for WordPress themes, ranging from business, personal portfolio, blogging or so on. This theme is supported by WooCommerce so you can run an online store as well as the travel services you make.

By default, there are four-page layouts, 2-page themes, and also 5 widgets provided. You can display images on Flickr in the custom widgets section. Enigma is very innovative and also user-friendly. So it’s no wonder it is very suitable to be implemented on the travel website that you have.

4. Virtue

Virtue Theme Directory

Virtue is one of the best WordPress themes for the needs of the travel website that you have built. At least 500 thousand users have used the Virtue theme for their travel website.

When using this website theme, of course, you will be free to modify the website and the themes in it. Another interesting thing, there is also an integration of microdata schemas which are useful for website SEO.

5. Astra

Astra Themes for WordPress

One more WordPress theme is suitable for your travel needs. The main advantage of this theme is that it is fairly light in size, making it easy for visitors to visit.

Not only that, Astra has also been integrated with schema.ogr and also mobile so that the website remains beautiful, even though it is accessed via a mobile device. The Astra theme will make the travel website look even more beautiful.

The various best WordPress themes for travel are given for reference only. There are still many other WordPress themes that can be used. Just adjust to your needs. Download via the link provided so you can use the theme for free without having to pay.


Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name for a Website

Domain is the address name of a website. A website can be reached if the address of the server location where the website is stored (hosted) is known. The server address in question is the IP address or Internet Protocol address, which is a unique sequence of numbers as the identity of a computer/server on a network, for example like 123.456.789.123. However, it will be quite difficult to remember the arrangement of numbers like this if we want to visit a website. This is where the role of the domain is, namely to represent the IP address earlier with a name that is easier to read and remember.

Just as the main purpose of a domain is to make it easier for people to easily access and easily remember the name, so it is the case when we want to create a website and choose a domain name. Even if the domain name itself exists for easy access, choosing a domain name that is not good will actually make the main purpose of the domain itself disappear.

For example, if you have a website about buying and selling property and you use the domain name “”, is that domain name optimal enough? Another example, if you create a social media website and you give it the domain name “”, will people be interested in visiting and using your website?

Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

We have to consider many things when choosing a domain name. For that, please follow some of the tips below:

Use Keywords Related to The Website Theme

Collect as many keywords as possible related to the theme of your website as material for choosing a domain name. Apart from making it easier for people to guess the contents of your website by looking at the domain name, a domain name that matches the website theme will help increase the priority value in search engines. For example, if the theme of your website is buying and selling property, then use keywords related to that theme, such as property, houses, land, buildings, buildings, and so on. If your website has an online shop theme, then use keywords such as online shops, online shops, buying and selling online, e-commerce, and so on.

Take Advantage of Other Attributes Such as Location and Added Value

You can also use the location attribute as part of the domain name. For example, if the domain is already in use, you can try adding a city name such as or You can also use keywords that add value to your business. For example, if you emphasize selling property at a much lower price than your competitors, or you only market properties at a low price, then you can add cheap words like or

Use a Name That is Short and Easy to Remember

The shorter the name, the easier it will be remembered. But short is not enough. You must combine consonants and vowels in such a way that your domain name can be read easily. Domains like or will be difficult to remember even if they are short, unique and match the theme of the website.

You can actually create a domain name from your own brand name. Some well-known domains such as,, or, have no direct correlation with their content. It’s basically not necessary. But that means you also have to think about choosing a name for this brand. Don’t let it turn out that your brand name has been used by someone else and has even been registered as a legal trademark/trademark. For example, even though you can still buy the domain, you may not use that name as your business brand name.

Combine Multiple Keywords

Nowadays it’s quite difficult to get short domains with common keywords. Generally, such domains have been purchased by many people, even though these domains are not/have not been used for websites. Many people like to buy a good domain name and then sell it again at a higher price. If you really need a domain like that and have enough money, then go ahead. But if not, you can still look for other domain names with a few additional auxiliary words.

For example, if the domain is no longer available, then you can try adding other additional keywords such as or Use additional keywords such as sell, buy, booking, order, stock, and so on to create domain variations.

You can also try combining two or more keywords into one new word. For example In language you will not find this word in any dictionary. This has become a new name or keyword which is also the name of the business brand. Another example, suppose the keywords property and Chicago can be combined to become

Involve other teams/people to search for domain names

Sometimes you have to ask for opinions from other people, your friends, your family, or strangers. People who don’t even have the insight on how to choose a good domain name as described above, will sometimes look at it from a different perspective and come up with names that you can develop again. Two heads are better for brainstorming than one.

Use less common extensions

The last tip is to take advantage of a top level domain (TLD) that people rarely use. TLD is a domain ending or extension such as .com, .net,, .id and so on. If you want the domain name ‘propertychicago’ but has already used, you can use another extension such as, or Each extension has a different price, but the opportunity for availability is also great.


How to Web Design With Joomla?

At this time, making an attractive website design can be done easily, even though users are still beginners in making it. One of the ways in website design, you can use Joomla so that the appearance of your website looks more attractive and can make visitors feel like beta on your website.

How do you do web design with Joomla? Before you enter the stage of making a web design with Joomla, you should find out what Joomla is and also the design criteria. That way, you won’t be confused in making a website design.

So how do you create a website design using Joomla? Relax, you don’t need to worry about this. The reason is, at this time we will discuss ways to make the website design that you want to build look more attractive. For what methods, then you can see the following review.


  1. The first step in how to design a web with Joomla, where you have to download files on the official Joomla website. When the download process is complete, you can extract the files in the htdocs folder that is available in the Xampp application.
  2. The next step is to activate the Xampp module. Where you can open the application, then activate the modules in the form of Apache and MySQL if you want to create a website design in online way.
  3. If Apache and MySQL are active, then you can type localhost/joomlafoldername in the address bar of the browser you are using.
  4. The next way you can redirect pages that require filling. The symbol (*) is an indication that the column is required to be filled in or the column is very important for creating a website design with Joomla.
  5. For those of you who have done several methods or steps above, then you can then adjust the existing database configuration. You need to know that you will pay attention to the database type, hostname, username, password, database name, and Joomla.
  6. After that, you can attach sample data. Please note that Joomla has sample data that you can choose according to your needs.
  7. Well, for those of you who have gone through the installation process, then you can follow the next few steps. Delete the directory, and you will receive two button options which are the site button and the administration button, which will take you to a different-looking page.
  8. After the finalization of the installation is complete. You will automatically be taken to the display of the website page that was successfully entered by you. How to design a web with Joomla, where you can go to the administrator panel by writing localhost/web dev/administrator in the browser bar that is used by you.
  9. By following the steps above, you can see the results.

This Application Makes You Easy to Make Infographics and PPT

College or office assignments rarely require us to create infographic or PowerPoint designs, but what if we are not good at designing?
Whoever gets the task to create an infographic or PowerPoint design every time, it continues to feel like crying because it makes it a really difficult and long time? In the end, I finally asked for a friend.

Fortunately, technology has become more sophisticated, and web sites and applications have emerged that make it easier for us to create any design. Well, here are some of them.


Slides Go provides a variety of unique and very good PowerPoint designs. There are various types of templates, both with business, school, health, and other themes. All you have to do is download or use Google Slides to edit the content. Anyway, it’s easy!


This website provides tens of thousands of templates that can be accessed for free. Various themes and colors also exist. So it’s easier to find one that suits your needs or wants.



Maybe some of you are familiar with Prezi. Many Powerpoints that are available on the internet are edited using this one help. The themes and animations are already there and choose. Prezi’s appearance is also different from other Powerpoint templates. So bad, the result!


On this website, you can get a variety of templates with different themes. However, there are more academics here.


For those who like minimalist PowerPoint design and 3D characters, this website is a good choice. Crystalgraphics also provides various templates with different themes.


Want to make posters, Instagram posts, logos, banners, and others in a practical way, Canva can be an option. The templates are interesting. Apart from that, you can also start with a blank template and design it yourself easily. So, edit as we wish, and add content. Anyway, there is no more reason to say you can’t design!



This design application has simple features. With templates and design sizes that already exist, we need to adjust a few things, such as letters, vectors, and shapes. We can also use photos provided by stocksnap.


Venngage has similarities with Canva, which provides various types of graphics, from posters, report templates, and others related to infographics.


This website provides a variety of good and different templates but focuses on infographic design. Using Piktochart is also easy, adjust the infographic you need.


This website also provides various templates for creating infographics. Various kinds of features are provided to suit your needs.

How to Design the Casino Online Site Like IDN Poker Online

Getting the right visual for our new poker website will require services from a skilled web designer. We have the choice to purchase a standard template, but looking at the competitive nature of the online game will not be a very financially sound decision. Online games, especially poker, are feeling unprecedented popularity in all the world and to compete in this market will require truly attractive designs that are eye-catching and easy to use. Choosing the right design does not only include choosing the right color; it’s about looking for additional techniques to reach our customer base and attract them. To design your own poker production website, you can copy it from the trusted online poker gambling like IDN Poker Online that will guide you to the success of your online casino site.

That’s Vegas, Baby!

When we click on an online casino, your deft ball does not want the lights to blink everywhere, flashing lights and ultra-bright colors are not easy on the eyes. Even if you want our online casino to have ‘shades of Vegas’, you should avoid decorating our logo with bright and flashing lights. The perfect website design must include images that are reminiscent of Vegas but do not interfere with the site’s main interface. Don’t make your site so busy that players can’t catch up on the exact table clearly.



The very important attribute of each online business is usability! Your site must be set up so that it is easy to use, and all buttons are easily found. Entering the website must be clear and simple; Enter our username and password and press the login button. The most important thing is that your poker room must be easily found. Divide the parts into real money and play money and set limits. The easiest navigation format seems to be among those embedding each card game with a matching limit below. The collection of pull-downs is very effective because you can go to each section to witness the availability of seats.


When we sit down to design the details of the game, keep it realistic. Use the perfect green for nuances on your table, roulette and dice table and your players will feel as if their game is in a real casino. As much as possible, use your brands at poker tables and other locations where we can plant your brand logo. Stay with the site’s color scheme when it comes to rooms and tables.

When it comes to online space, variation is the spice of life. You have to spend at least two different types of poker to stay competitive and unique to customers. A very popular form seems to be many types of Omaha and Texas Hold’em. If we offer so many boundaries with two types, then we can compete in the world of online poker rooms. However, the key is to offer everything from micro boundaries to high-stakes games. As important as a number of levels are tournaments because they have become increasingly popular in recent years.


Many poker websites like super 10 online offer the same sea of ​​faces at poker tables, but if you really want to make your website stand out, give variations and details to your card players. Don’t offer the same five faces for all players; allow a certain level of individuality. Make your website like an online community, and your customers will remain loyal. Even if you can’t allow customers to design their player avatars, offer variations to the extent that our players don’t end up playing the right avatar.

Additional features

What creates a good poker site besides the mediocre website is the extra features offered. The function of websites that are struggling to attract players who explore professional poker careers is the option to leave the player list. Most players find it useful to classify players and make a list of their playing styles. This additional feature allows players to get to know their opponents and different perfect strategies, a feature that might bring players home and again.


8 Skills Graphic Designer Must Have In Order To Be Successful

The Graphic Designer profession continues to be needed in the ever-expanding world of digital media. This job also has a clear career path and is very promising that you can become an art director.

In order to be more competitive in the job market, there are a number of hard skills and soft skills that you need to have to become a good graphic designer.

Hard skills

The following are some hard skills that you need to improve as a Graphic Designer.


Even though typography sounds traditional, in fact, this skill is still important. Even though now you can choose several fonts online and download them, it’s still better if you can make them yourself. In this way, the design you make can be more characterless.

Adobe Creative Application

The digital visual world is very important for a Graphic Designer. Therefore, the skill to edit images is very necessary. At a minimum, you must be proficient in using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

Other design software such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign should also be understood. Especially if you want to use 3D models, Blender software can be an option. If you can’t, take classes immediately, both offline and online.

Time management

A Graphic Designer is closely related to clients so that the timeliness in working on a project is very important here. Therefore, you must be able to set the time for the work to finish on schedule. Punctuality will be able to assess the level of professionalism in the workforce.

Presentation skills

As a Graphic Designer, there will definitely be times when you have to present your work to clients, or even recruiters.

In addition, a Graphic Designer can also have added value if he can master the programming language. You really don’t need to be proficient in understanding programming languages ​​like Java or C ++. However, it is important for you to know the basics of that knowledge.

That way, you will understand what needs to be done to make a site look attractive. You can also adjust the design, and your work will be completed faster.

Soft skills

Besides having some of the hard skills above, in order to be able to do your work properly, the soft skills below also need to be owned by a Graphic Designer.


A Graphic Designer needs good communication skills to be successful because you need to work with a variety of clients and teams with various educational backgrounds.

Therefore, to be able to explain your ideas, without explaining them too technical, you need reliable communication skills. When communication is right, the product made will be suitable, and your job will be easier. Having this skill will increase your competitiveness.


As a Graphic Designer, you will deal with a variety of client requests. Therefore you need to have creative thinking. Because this way, you will be better able to find and convey ideas, and provide solutions to clients.

Ability to solve problems

As a Graphic Designer, it means you will do things according to the client’s request. Even so, sometimes the client just does not know what kind of design they want to be able to convey the message he wants to convey through the picture.

That is why it would be better if a Graphic Designer is able to provide a solution to this and help clients find the right design.

Can work fast and efficiently

When you get a request from a client, you will definitely be given a deadline to do it. Therefore, as a Graphic Designer, you need to be able to work quickly and efficiently.

Being a Graphic Designer might not be an easy thing. To make your steps easier, try to join a community that has a Graphic Designer in it, such as the Digital Marketing community, so you have friends to share knowledge and experience. Not only that, of course, but you can also expand the network, right?

However, a serious career in this field is quite promising, and it will be easier if you like it too. To make it easier for you to get a job as a Graphic Designer, try to register yourself on the talent marketplace site. The reason is, this way, you will be more open to opportunities to be glimpsed by the company without the need to apply here and there.

Good luck!


Another 3 Essences of Graphic Design

It seems our readers are really enthusiastic, waiting for three other things that must be owned by a graphic designer. Therefore we encompass three more information that can satisfy our beloved readers!

graphic design

It seems our readers are really enthusiastic, waiting for three other things that must be owned by a graphic designer. Therefore we encompass three more information that can satisfy our beloved readers!

1. Layout and Composition

Layout and composition are the foundation of design. This element serves to provide structure and facilitate navigation. This element is also very rarely cared for by some of the novice graphic designers, whereas if it is not well-composed and layout, then a design will look unbalanced (maybe fragile is the right word). Usually, there are some basic principles of layout and composition used by professional graphic designers including,

• Proximity, which is separating between types of content groups.

• White space can be applied by creating empty space in the design.

• Alignment, i.e., adjusting the alignment of content based on the left, right, center, top, or bottom.

• Contrast, making the contrast between design objects by using colors, shapes, or other design components, in order to form a hierarchy.

• Repetition, or more accurately interpreted as the consistency of elements in the design, both in terms of color, typography, and others.

Good layout and composition will facilitate navigation in presenting visual messages to the viewer. By paying attention to details in layout and composition, we can create attractive designs and look professional.

2. Imagery

“An image is worth a thousand words”. Image or image is supporting content from graphic design work. The image can be in the form of a photograph, an illustration made, including an icon or logo. In the world of graphic design, images are commonly used as “bait” to lure viewers. The image is able to trigger a strong impression before the viewer sees the overall design content.

In choosing the required image, there are several things that must be considered, such as always choose the image with the highest resolution, edit the image to adjust the color and always think out of the box to see the perspective of an image.

3. Branding and Identity

Branding and identity are things that are quite difficult to do by some beginner graphic designers. Simply put, branding is what other people think about the product, company, or the results of work. Branding can be created using the selection of colors, logos, and others.

To create a good identity, we must really understand how to communicate visually well so that our perspective will be the same as the viewer’s perspective. This is very important for generating effective persuasive messages. For example, don’t we often choose products based on their good packaging?

Every essence that has been described previously is very influential for the formation of an identity. The point of this is not just a promotional tool, but how to create something unique, consistent, and different from the others, so the viewer will always keep in mind the design.

“To create something very big, we have to start from very small things.” Maybe the various essences are familiar to graphic designers, but not many people realize that trivial things have helped us to create an extraordinary result. So, keep learning, be creative, and stay creative!


3 Essences of Graphic Design That Novice Graphic Designers Should Know

Nowadays, graphic design is a rising field. Quite a lot of people are in this field for a hobby or as a serious profession.

Basically, to explore and become an expert on something, we must understand the basis of that thing, right? Similarly, in the world of graphic design. Before becoming a reliable graphic designer, we must know in advance, various basic things that are usually considered trivial but will play an important role in making a design. Therefore, the mindset of the “essence” of this design is very important to be known by graphic designers who have just entered the world of graphic design.

Here are the 3 essences of grap\hic design that novice graphic designers should know:

graphic design1. Fundamental Design

Design fundamentals are the basis of every visual medium. This must be found in every design, ranging from fine art or modern designs such as posters. Design fundamentals include various elements such as lines, shapes (2D shapes), forms (3D shapes), and textures. Maybe, if you pay attention to things that may be very ordinary, but the various graphic design works that we see every day, are a combination of these elements.

Each of these elements contains the meaning and function of each, depending on how graphic designers use these elements to communicate their ideas visually. Through lines, shapes, forms, and textures, it really helps us to convey and understand an idea concept.

2. Typography

Typography or typography is very familiar to us to see. Be it on books we read, websites, product packaging, posters, and others. In short, typography is the appearance or style of the text, both in terms of color, size, thickness, distance, and font (typeface).

Each type of font has its own meaning that can go beyond the words listed. For example, the type of Sans Serif (like Helvetica) can give a simple and modern impression, commonly used for websites or digital displays, because it is easy to read. Therefore, it is important for a graphic designer to pay attention to the message he wants to convey to match the typography that he applied.

Tip: The law for doing good typography is “less is more”, i.e., try to use no more than two types of fonts. Combine also the law of “opposites attract”, which combines bold and light font styles as an impression of contrast.


Color has a vital role in the design. Color can represent images, create emotions, perceptions for those who see it, and even communicate without using words at all. Although it becomes a very important thing, not infrequently, the determination of color also causes problems for novice graphic designers.

The answer to that problem is: “understand color theory”. Do you still remember the basic colors learned when you were in kindergarten or elementary school? Namely red, blue, and yellow. The three colors are the basic colors that create other colors, thus making the color wheel. Through the color wheel, we can choose colors based on the saturation or value of the colors. We can also play the contrast to find the appropriate color.

Don’t forget this theory, “every color has a message”. For professional graphic designers, they are very familiar with the intent of the statement. For example, bright colors can represent cheerful and modern, ordinary desaturated or pale colors that represent formal and business impressions.


6 Free Flyer Brochure Template Design To Help Website Designers

For matters of promotion and marketing of products or services, often a company or field of business uses brochures. Brochures can serve to submit clear information to the target market of the company.

Brochures can also be used by designers to display their portfolios so that they can be better known and more straightforward to contact, which end can make a new project.

The following are some free brochure templates that you can download to make your work easier.

Tri-fold brochure mockup

The mockup is designed by Ship design and distributed free at Freepik, besides that Mockup is also designed with beautiful colorful touches for your trifold brochure.

A5 Horizontal Mockup Brochure

A professional presentation for the design of A5-sized horizontal brochures, this mockup will undoubtedly make your work look brighter in your portfolio. The PSD file in this brochure is shaped with a neatly arranged screen, because of that you can change it according to your concept starting from color, lighting, and background.

This mockup/mockup was designed by Hendra Mulia and can be downloaded for free on the Graphic Burger website.

Bi-fold mockup template

A good template for showing vertical bi-fold brochures. This brochure was created with Photoshop smart action, so it’s the fastest to use. You can download this file for free (must have an account) on Pixeden.

H4 bi-fold brochure

This is another bi-fold brochure model, but this time it is matched with an A4 form. This brochure has a high resolution and can be downloaded for free.

Four page folded brochure mockup

A photorealistic that you can use to show a 4-page folding brochure. Each page can be replaced quickly with the help of smart object features. Backgrounds and shadows are made with separate layers so they can be easily changed. You can download the Johannes Mutter brochure for free.

Multi-page brochure template

A template created to help you design brochures that are related to health, but it can also be used to create mockups from multi-page brochures. This template can be downloaded for free.

Trifold brochure

This is another trifold brochure, with a pretty attractive inside the display. Made by using a smart object for a more comfortable display and to facilitate the completion of activities quickly. Wassim Awadallah designed it and released it for free and can be enjoyed by all people to create. Besides that, Wassim Awadallah is a graphic designer from Lebanon.

That’s 6 free flyer brochure design templates that you can practice to create a flayer design that suits your expectations.

Good luck and hope your design is successful.