For you, how important is a logo? Apparently, from everything like letterhead, website, marketing, the logo press includes all this. Logo becomes the first impression when different people come to understand our company. In other words, the logo is one of the most important identities that a company must possess.

The logo of a company must show a good impression of the business that the company has, can present itself well and dynamically so that you will look like a professional, even though your office is only in a garage. There are a number of guidelines that have been tested that might help you in getting a great logo. Whether you rent an agency or make it yourself.

Your logo must describe your company with interesting and honest techniques.

It feels obvious, but in the field you will be surprised to hear a number of business owners want something like a competitor. If your logo uses a symbol, it must be related to your company, company name, company characteristics or the competitive advantage you offer.

What impression do you want to give when someone views your business? If it’s fast delivery, then consider objects that contain the meaning of speed, like wings or an hour. These elements are often used by logistics companies, for example the Post Indonesia. Consider abstract symbols to say a progressive approach – abstract is a choice that is appropriate for high-tech companies. Or maybe you just want an object that represents the product or service you are selling.¬†As with companies engaged in gambling or casinos. They design logos that are simple and easy to remember by the players. Because with the Logo also provides the identity of the Casino company.

Avoid too few details

Simple Logo is recognized faster than complex. Strong lines, letters that are present are better than thin ones barely visible, clean. The market for Casino are mostly high profile people, who doesn’t like complicated things. They want to get access to Casino easily, give bet anytime they want, like when they playing online gambling¬†in each sportsbook competition. But even though your logo must look simple, it doesn’t mean it must be really simple, with different origin words. A good logo has something that is not suspect or unique. We see a number of logos like, McDonald, Nike, Prudential. Notice how their logo is simple but interesting. When you see the “check” symbol, you will assume it is the logo of Nike. When watching a big “M” letter with yellow color, especially when you’re hungry, you would expect it to be McDonal. Simple, but not careless

Your logo must work well in black and white (single color)

If your logo doesn’t look good in black and white, it won’t look good in any color. Keep in mind, too, if the cost of printing a four-color logo is often more expensive than one or two color prints.

Make sure your logo is scalable

With a different word, your logo must be beautiful both large and small, in many media. A good rule of thumb is on business cards / billboards. Your logo must look good on both. Although the logo is enlarged or minimized, it will not minimize its trademark or identity. In this matter, the Nike logo is still a very superior logo in terms of scalable.

Your logo must have a balanced artistic

The best way to say this is that your logo must look “balanced” to the eye, there is no one to surpass the rest. Just like a painting, it would seem surprising if all the colors and details were divorced in one corner, so was the asymmetrical logo. Color, line density and shape, all affect the equilibrium of this logo.

Many logo teachers insist that a logo must be designed to last up to 10 or 15 years. But we have never heard of a fortune teller who came to design a trend. Yes, at any time the trend will change and maybe your logo must be changed so that it looks more fresh. The best way to ensure the longevity of the logo, in addition to the guidelines listed above is to make sure you love your blog. Never be satisfied with something half cooked.

Once you are committed to the design of your logo, you are sure and like the logo, make sure you have in three forms of this file, EPS for printing, JPG and GIF for the website. Basically, this conversion file creates your logo as an element of art, to the point that it no longer becomes a symbol with a typeface. Which brings us to very important rules in logo design, never to process your logo! If you want to turn on the website, okay, the list doesn’t process the essence.