10 Benefits of Being a Graphic Designer. The graphic design field is currently not in great demand. Every company engaged in any field starts to need a graphic designer. Graphic design is often needed for an advertising or weapon for the promotion of a company. Next you will discuss what dividends become a graphic designer.

Graphic design is a process of communication using many types of visual elements, such as writing, shapes, and images that are intended to make perceptions of a message delivered. This field you call it the visual communication process.

A graphic designer must be able to convey the messages he wants to say using various kinds of visual elements. The success of this entire visual communication process is often indicated by new perceptions that different people get.

For example, the use of visual sign / road signs. Simple visual elements, but can be understood by all drivers. Sign is prohibited from parking, so there will be no people who will park in that place. Except for stupid people who do not understand the signs.

Let’s examine what dividends become graphic designers.

Express Your Creativity

As a graphic designer you can freely express your creativity. If you feel anxious about the political problems in this country, you can express it by making a number of designs that satirize how politics is in this country.

At present the anxiety felt by most designers is about pay. Many clients who want to get a good design but do not want to pay dearly. And ridiculous again, the design must be completed quickly. There are even quips about friend prices, or free.

With the design knowledge you have, you can make a simple poster or meme to satiric this symptom. There are even those who create memes about the love of the graphic designer version of love.

Well, you can make an understanding of these symptoms with an infographic that contains data obtained from many sources.

Run Your Own Studio

Do you want to have your own design studio? Now it’s time for you to begin to realize that fantasy. Don’t be put off again. The design skill that you have allows you to realize that dream. Now you live in your intentions. Don’t expect too high, it’s pretty good to create your design studio from small. Search for names, make logo designs, and promote. One device that you might need in running a design studio might be paint tablet. Check here to buy it.

Work at home / anywhere

I myself sometimes like to work anywhere, at home or at a place that according to the information from me is cool to work. Some people write working full-time at the office sometimes makes them lose creativity, but as a graphic designer you can work anywhere you want. With a note, you are not bound in office hours or as a freelancer.

If you can’t build your own design studio, you can start by becoming a freelancer first. Calculate sharpen skills and explore experience.

Freelancer potential

If you want to start a career as a freelancer, graphic design has the most potential for this. Like the previous point, by becoming a freelancer you can work anywhere, anytime without having to be bound by time (only a binding deadline). There are currently not a few websites that help freelancers find projects. In Indonesia, there are sribu.com, sribulancer, project.co.id, freelancer.co.id if there are 99design.com, elance.com, upwork.com, freelancer.com, and not a few.

In addition, there are many opportunities for this type of design, there are logo designs, clothes, websites, advertisements, packaging and others.

Self-Learning (Self-taught)

Graphic design skills do not have to be sharpened from a formal bench, like a lecture in a design campus. More than that, design skills will increase as they are rarely trained. You can learn from not a few tutorials, more or less read books for this field, and most importantly have a passion in design.

In Indonesia, there is a village called “design village”. A village located in Magelang Regency, Central Java. Kaliabu Village. This village has a design community that contains hundreds of young designers who almost partially learned the design self-taught. Many of them have been able to win the design competition that is often held online.

Only with Design and Creativity Software

If you start your career as a freelancer, you don’t need a lot of capital. You don’t need heavy equipment, trucks, or other materials. You only need a powerful computer and design applications like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. And the most important business is creativity, bone loss and self-development. Yep, it sounds pretty easy, but you need not a little practice to compete in order to reach the surface. Be diligent in listening and looking at design references.

Job stability

With so few opportunities, it can be great that a graphic designer will not often have a job. Economic problems can lead to an increase in advertising needs. The greater the development of a company, the more it is necessary to employ graphic designers. Although competitive, the graphic design market is growing and does not indicate signs of decline. Effective advertising can create or destroy a company, so chartering an experienced graphic designer is the first step to increase marketing.

Large Client Base

Some businesses need graphic designers. When the company will do marketing on its products, then companies need to design materials for their marketing weapons. This is where the urgent role of graphic design is. As long as business continues to grow and new businesses continue to emerge, then graphic designers will not often have little work. Thus, the competition is getting tighter each day, so you will need to work harder to get to the surface.

The greater the competition, there will be a price war. Someone will create the lowest price for unique prospective clients. Don’t blame. But prices assess quality. Definitely. With prices that are so low, I myself believe, the designer certainly won’t maximize his ability to design. It might be “urgent”, whether it looks good or not, the urgency of the client likes.

Potential for Business Repeat

The same client might become a valuable customer to get more than one job. We don’t know what the client company needs. If the development of the company is good, in order to develop its business, of course they need marketing that will hold graphic designers to prepare the ingredients. Good service for clients may create the client again for you. This will be profitable, to block your monthly target.

But, there are notes that you might have to consider. Even though the client is king, you also have to choose a client that you think is worth keeping too. Don’t keep clients who want to profit, but don’t want to carry out their obligations too. Don’t keep clients who want cheap but want to design with good quality. If possible, give understanding, but if you don’t understand it, just let it go.

Easy Marketing

There are not a few ways to do marketing. One of them is by using online media in the form of websites. Clients coming from my design studio all feel from online. We don’t use offline media, but almost 99% of clients come online. This online media is for me the most effective way to do marketing. It only needs annual fees for domains and hosting, and a number of seo website techniques. Or you can display your portfolio on community sites like kreavi.com, behance.com or dribbble.com. Maybe if you want to create a website, you can visit this site. You can consult first before using it.

Maybe that’s the only point I can share for all of you. With the 10 points above it does not mean just being an easy graphic designer. You have to do a lot of struggle. You must continue to practice in order to face increasingly tighter competition from day to day.

Lots of watching references, reading articles or books about design growth will probably help you to add your skills more.